Unfortunately due to an unexpected injury (when are they ever?), we must postpone the summer ride to hopefully this fall.

About Bikers For Boobies

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Bikers for Boobies and Bikers Raising Awareness and Support (B.R.A.S. KC) was started because every 3 minutes someone - male or female - is diagnosed with breast cancer, and I was one of those people. I wanted to give something back to the people who made my little “detour” in life an adventure, more of a positive experience than anyone would think it could be. I also wanted to bring the awareness and new knowledge I gained throught my experiences to as many people as I possibly could. Rather than a traditional support group, THIS was my therapy. First YearOur first year, 2010, we had two and a half events. Bikers for Boobies in July has 105 bikes, almost 200 riders and we raised almost $7,000. The hospital’s Foundation members were blown away at our check presentation by the generosity of the biking community. But we weren’t finished just yet. We also had a second “fun run” in October, the Boooob Bash. We raised an additional $2,400 at that event. Personally TouchedOur group has been personally touched by this disease yet again with another new diagnosis. While our efforts raise funds to provide support, we also strive to raise awareness. EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES!!! PLEASE CHECK YOURSELVES REGULARLY-WOMEN AND MEN!

Join Us

We hope you will join us in our efforts to raise awareness and bring support to as many people as possible who have been or will be affected by this disease.